About Us

Welcome to Bass Trading Company! We are so happy that you're here! Opening my own store has always been something I contemplated doing and I finally decided to go for it! In June of 2018, I decided to start my boutique online. I did most of my selling on Facebook and my website. My goal was to have a mobile trailer to travel around to festivals and events, I knew I wouldn't be able to do that starting out. So our first year, we were only online. In 2019, we purchased the mobile trailer and did all the work ourselves to make it exactly how I wanted it! I absolutely love how it turned out and it is everything I could've dreamed of. We traveled around for months with the trailer and I loved it but then a storefront come about that I couldn’t pass up. It basically fell in to my lap and was the best location. It took months to finally be ready for us to move in but we were finally able to! So in September 2020, we opened our doors in Bainbridge, Georgia. At the time I lived there, but in 2022 I moved back to my hometown where I grew up. So in 2022 I moved the store and opened a storefront in my hometown of Gray, Georgia! We have moved three times while being in Gray, but we finally have the PERFECT location. I for sure never would’ve thought I’d have an actual storefront or be doing this full time. I am so thankful for my family and all my customers that have supported us through the years, changes and moves.
Bass Trading Company was originally called Bristol Reese Boutique. I chose the name Bristol Reese Boutique after my rescue pup, Bristol Reese. I decided in 2023 after we moved to the location we are in now, that I wanted to be able to offer a little more for the whole family. I have now brought in men's and kid's along with the women's we have always carried. But with this change, I wanted a name that represented a little more of a range for everybody versus having the word "boutique" in it. I felt men would not go shop for themselves in a "boutique". So that is when we decided to go with Bass Trading Company. 
Bristol Reese - our rescue pup